Get the perfect party wear gown for your little princess.

Whether your little girl is a dainty princess like ‘Snow White’ or ‘Aurora’ playing with dolls or more in-lieu with ‘Brave’ or “Mulan” the warriors screaming their battle cries in the dust, when it comes to parties, their wardrobe needs to be impeccable. Hence, as a parent, you need to shoulder the responsibility to dress your girl in clothing that not only looks good but is something they will be comfortable in. While buying party dresses for little girls, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.


1. Comfort and Choice: This comes before anything else. No matter how pretty that flowy white dress looks, if your child is not comfortable in it, it should not be bought. Forcing your child to wear something they don’t like or are not comfortable in will put them in a bad mood or might even start a temper tantrum, something no one wants before or during a party. Hence, it is essential to keep your child’s choice and comfort in mind before the final selection.


2. Occasion: Be it a kid’s costumed birthday party or your parents’ golden anniversary, your girl needs to dress up for a lot of occasions. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that your girl stands out, but not as a sore thumb. Choose a party wear frock for your girl that goes with the theme or the mood of the event she is attending.


3. Fabric, cut and length: These play an important role in making sure your little girl stays safe and comfortable during the party. Choose dresses made of breathable fabric that does not feel itchy or irritates your child’s sensitive skin. The hem should be a few inches above the ground so that they don’t trip over it. The cut of the dress should be something your child can handle. If your child is someone who runs around a lot, swap that bulky skirt for a shorter, less voluminous one.


4. Undergarments: Sometimes when you need to compromise on the fabric or design of the dress to meet other requirements, undergarments can prove to be a lifesaver. Is the fabric too itchy? A cotton slip underneath the dress can help you out! Is the dress not as voluminous as you had hoped? No issues, a petticoat made of multiple layers of tulle can fix that in no time!


Once that right frock, dress or gown has been bought for your girl, she is bound to turn heads with her grandeur and grace…or perhaps with that toothy grin and the infectious giggle!

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